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Catastrophes in Abstract – AOPS #12

Let’s get back to catastrophes, in the abstract of course! Matt uses his firm as an example to explain
how to identify, prevent or prepare for your catastrophe. Listen in to find what your source of
catastrophes might be!

When Do You Prevent Stupid – AOPS #11

We have covered HOW and WHY you can prevent stupid, don’t miss out on WHEN! Matt’s here to give you the help you need to protect your business. Let’s take the time to find out how your business falls on Matt’s growth range and WHEN to start preventing stupid.

Why You CAN Prevent Stupid – AOPS #10

Don’t be such a pessimist, bad things aren’t bound to happen! Matt gives you his 3 key conclusions as to why you CAN prevent stupid. Let’s find common ground for all the ignorers and worriers to protect their business!

Best Practices is the Icing! – AOPS #9

Time for a quick review! Let’s follow up on what we covered last week and keep building your custom best practices list. Walk through examples of how your goals will add custom questions to how you use the Business Immune System Report.

Common Denominators are Common Sense – AOPS #8

This week your friendly neighborhood business lawyer gives you some extra insight not included in the book! What are common denominators and best practices? Let Matt explain what they are and how they apply to you and your business.

Smashing the Systems-AOPS #7

This week Matt smashes the 7 working systems together with the three sources of problems in order to build your business immune system. Take a moment to learn about this tool that helps you to protect your business and improve performance.

Three Sources of Problems-AOPS #6

Go one step further in how we look at potential problems. Matt takes these three sources of problems and breaks them down so that you are better able to avoid catastrophes for your business. Don’t miss out on Matt’s keys to conquering ignorance and ineptitude.

What Can Possibly Go Wrong? – AOPS #5

Your best offense is a good defense. This week Matt explains the importance of slowing down and getting ahead of your problems. Don’t let your ambitions get in the way of preventing stupid!

The 7 Systems: Know your enemy, know yourself AOPS #3

In this episode, Matt explains how to build up a better understanding of your business and its problems so that you’re able to analyze it. He walks you through the 7 systems, leaving you filled with information to help jump-start your problem prevention.