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The “AOPS” Book Wrap Up – AOPS #31

Matt wraps up his book “The Art of Preventing Stupid” in this episode. He also goes on to define proactive protection and how it can be used to navigate hurdles. Listen how leaders use the skills learned this week to build strong businesses who anticipate their vulnerabilities.

Ineptitude in Marketing and Sales – AOPS #30

Johnson’s Hardware gets their final grade this week on Marketing and Sales. Matt takes us through how they drifted into ineptitude while on autopilot, and how your business can avoid doing the same. If you’re not updating your sales strategies, you’ll lose those leads to the businesses that are.

Ineptitude in Production and Metrics – AOPS #29

Matt looks over ineptitude with the production and metrics at Johnson’s Hardware. What do they KNOW is an issue in these key areas but aren’t working on? Let’s look at why ineptitude can be so hard to watch a business go through but should be the easiest one’s to fix.

The Pain of Ineptitude – AOPS #28

Welcome to part 2 of the story of Johnson’s Hardware. Today we hear specifically about their grades in management and personnel. Everyone knows a business like this one, it could even be yours. Let’s see what changes need to be made to make this hardware store as successful as it can be!

Spotting Ineptitude in Your Business- AOPS #27

This week is all about how NOT to be a slacker. Matt introduces you to our third fictional company in the series, Johnson’s Hardware. What do you think their ineptitudes might be? Listen in to hear how Johnson’s Hardware grades on the Business Immune System Report.

Ineptitude: The Things You KNOW – AOPS #26

You know what you should be doing but you’re NOT doing it, it’s ineptitude! This week Matt helps you to find how ineptitude could be causing danger to your business. It’s not just about protecting your business, it’s about making it better!

Ignorance is an Opportunity – AOPS #25

This week we are wrapping up the story of Heather’s Cupcakes. Heather will have to learn a lot to get her business to where she wants it. Is her ignorance keeping her and the business from reaching their full potential? Listen in to hear Matt explain what she can and should do to make this business run as smoothly as possible.

Ignorance in Marketing and Sales – AOPS #24

Let’s start mapping out our business priorities! This week Matt gets into the importance of marketing your business and having a good sales system. Heather’s Cupcakes has no intentional strategy, listen in to learn how to fix that mistake for yourself!


Overcome the Ignorance of Metrics – AOPS #23

Ignorance can be full of opportunity! This week we will hear about how Heather’s metric system threatens her business and hold her back. Turning out a great product is only part of the business; the real secret is in a good metric system.

Ignorance or Inept? – AOPS #22

Something to ask yourself: Are you ignorant or just inept? Hear Matt tell you about his own experience in what ignorance could do to you and your business. We also will continue to learn about Heather’s Cupcake business, specifically finding out the way to manage her business all while keeping the quality of her product!