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Learning to Grow Through Ignorance – AOPS #21

Admitting and getting a handle on your ignorance can be empowering! Figuring things out WHILE you’re running a business is ALWAYS a lot more work than everyone thinks. This week we continue to learn from Heather’s Cupcakes and her management and personnel practices. Going from hobbyist to successful business owner is a big deal!

Heather’s Cupcakes-A Study In Ignorance AOPS #20

This week Matt introduces us to Heather’s Cupcakes and gives out her grade card on the Business Immune System Report. Listen in to hear how ignorance might also threaten your small business. Ignorance weighs a lot more than ineptitude, so let’s analyze what you need to do to reach your goals.

Ignorance in Abstract – AOPS #19

Ignorance isn’t always bliss. You are working hard to build your business, don’t let your ignorance make
you stupid! How are the limitations of your knowledge keeping you from reaching your goals? Matt’s
story this week will walk you through making SMART business choices.

A Study into Catastrophes: Part 5 – AOPS #18

Let’s talk about Marketing! Red and Stephanie flunked their Marketing catastrophes, don’t let that
happen to you. Lack of a system will lead you to failure. Matt uses Red as an example of how you can
prevent your own marketing catastrophes.

A Study into Catastrophes: Part 4 – AOPS #17

Now that we have been through the first 4 systems, it’s time to dive into Metrics. Metrics aren’t just
financial figures; they include so much more. These systems can be hard to build, let Matt explain how
you can make a rhythm work for you!

A Study into Catastrophes: Part 3 – AOPS #16

What is next for Red and Stephanie’s little adventure in capitalism? Last week Matt covered catastrophes in personnel, which brings us now to catastrophes in production. The seeds of your problems have already been planted, listen up to find out how to kill those weeds!

A Study into Catastrophes: Part 2 – AOPS #15

Continuing on this week with Red, Stephanie and their small plumbing business. Matt explains the grades and more particular, the reason behind the grades. Listen in to see how catastrophes might affect Red’s grade card and how yours might match up!

A Study into Catastrophes: Part 1 – AOPS #14

It’s time for Story Time with Uncle Matt! Matt uses stories like this to bring the concepts he covers to life. This particular story we will follow Red, Stephanie and their small plumbing business. We will narrow our focus down to the potential catastrophes they unleash in their business.

Species: Looking at More Catastrophes – AOPS #13

What IS coming your way when you run a business? We are breaking catastrophes down into species.
The difference lies in your goals. Your goals define your problems and catastrophes are just one of the 3
types of problems. This week Matt delves deeper into what catastrophes might be coming your way!

Catastrophes in Abstract – AOPS #12

Let’s get back to catastrophes, in the abstract of course! Matt uses his firm as an example to explain
how to identify, prevent or prepare for your catastrophe. Listen in to find what your source of
catastrophes might be!