Figure 1: Business Immune System Report: Failure Examples

Figure 2: Sample Business Problem Severity Scale

Figure 3: The Four Types Of Problems: Car Example

Figure 4: The Four Types Of Problems: Medical Example

Figure 5: The Four Types Of Problems: Business Example

Figure 6: Management Methods Of The Four Types Of Problems

Figure 7: Three-Ring Diagram

Figure 8: Circle of Business Diagram

Figure 9: BISR Sample 1

Figure 10: BISR Sample 2

Figure 11: BISR for Startups

Figure 12: BISR for Companies $250,000–$1,000,000

Figure 13: BISR for Companies $1,000,000–$10,000,000

Figure 14: BISR for Companies More Than $10,000,000

Figure 15: Categories of Catastrophes

Figure 16: Catastrophe Only: Red’s Plumbing BISR

Figure 17: Ignorance Only: Heather’s Cupcakes BISR

Figure 18: Ineptitude Only: Johnson’s Hardware BISR