“As someone who works with small and large sized businesses every day, I can tell you that the “Art of Preventing Stupid” is right on target!  The way Matt describes his “Preventing Stupid Method” is very clear and easy to follow.  Anyone who has dabbled in the world of running their own business will find this book captivating. Matt does a great job of balancing hard-hitting educational facts with entertaining antidotes that are easily relatable.  As Matt says in the book, you don’t have to be smart to have a successful business…just don’t be stupid.”

Brent Kisling, Executive Director, Oklahoma Department of Commerce

“The only change I’d make to this book is to add “REQUIRED READING” to the cover. The author Matt Davis finished what others have attempted. If you are serious about being successful in your business put Davis’ processes in place to avoid the risk of failure. Face it, many business owners are good technicians, with an idea, a dose of optimism and enough bravado to try. This book divides risk into understandable categories and provides a holistic approach to manage risk in all areas of business. Davis provides real world examples, provides tactics to and interjects enough humor to keep a reader reading. I’m on my second reading—and am pleased to know soon I will understand the art of preventing stupid.”

Charlie Moon, Development Strategist , www.getcharliemoon.com

“With his book, the Art of Preventing Stupid, Matt Davis has laid out a blue print for building a business on top of a risk-minimizing foundation.  With clear  explanations and examples, an easy to follow conceptual framework, along with sample forms to assist in planning and review, the author’s program should stand along side any business or strategic plan a growth-minded business wants to implement.  Idiot-proofing your business plan while you’re trying to execute it makes darn good common sense.  It’s also highly profitable.  You spend less time fixing mistakes and less money defending liabilities created by those mistakes while spending more time bullet-proofing yourself as you grow.  These concepts are simply not covered or even taken into account in the latest “magic” books being touted for growth-minded business owners and executives.”

John Walker, Attorney at Law, Walker Law PC